Studio Visit. AJ Fosik.
Guerrero Gallery. Preview. Lamplighter to the Promise Land.
it was my first time in portland, oregon. and i got to catch AJ Fosik getting ready for his drive down to san francisco, california. i rolled up in a taxi at the North Coast Seed Building with a driver that didn't know where we were going. but i noticed a moving truck with some business going on and i texted AJ to tell him i was at the front door waiting to be let in. a minute later, his head pops out of the truck and calls my name. he was there with Matt Wagner, owner of the Hellion Gallery, packing pieces for the "Lamplighter to the Promise Land" show that will be at the Guerrero Gallery this saturday november 10, 2012. i've been a big fan of AJ's woodwork for a few years now and i was pretty f*cking stoked i got the chance to visit his studio and preview the art going up this saturday. although i had a swollen right foot because i just got tattooed, and the studio was a way out, i really.. REALLY.. wanted to go there. his studio had the smell of work and play in the air. scenes of the grind and tables of fast food when time for cooking is overtaken by all hours of doing what an artist loves to do. even AJ was outfitted in a uniform looking he just went through battle with colors, wood router tables, clamps, and nails. this was one rad visit for me and i even got to help him pack up one of the pieces into the truck because they seemed to need some filipino muscle, haha. but i'm glad to have helped. be sure to check the show this saturday. once these sell, and they will, you may not get another chance to see them. so go. and get your woodwork fix. see you there bitches.

and in addition, Daniel Albrigo will be showing in the project room. which i am pretty excited to see too. it's gonna be a great show. like seriously.

AJ Fosik himself.
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Guerrero Gallery. Season Opener.
it's open season on you busters. umm, yeah. well, anyways.. i don't know if i like group shows or solo shows more. i like them both. but okay, i lean towards group shows because the variety of mediums, styles, and mood. but if the solo show was of an artist i'm a fan boy of, then maybe i'll like that more. but i like group shows. final answer. but i also like solo shows. but group shows more. in any case, git'yo arse over to guerrero gallery and see this shiotz. i mean look at the names on here, it's your loss if you don't. just don't go on and front like you've been a fan of a particular artist for a long time once they make it big, when you didn't even go to their gallery showings when they weren't. and didn't even know they were a graffiti artist first. or a tattoo artist. or a wheat paster. so support art, support artists, and support what you love about art. period. leave the hype in your closet.
Terry Powers.
KC Ortiz.
Victor Reyes.
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Aaron Noble.
Patrick Martinez.
Isaac Lin.
Mr. Kiji.
Matt Leines.
Mark Dean Veca.
Mike Giant.
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Marcos LaFarga and Brett Amory.
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Ken Davis.
Justin Hager.
IMG_9502 IMG_9503 IMG_9504 IMG_9505 IMG_9506
Rye Purvis.
Ian Johnson. (pat, it's not a hip steve urkle.)
Cody Hudson.
Alex Lucas.
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Erik Belts.
Shepard Fairey.
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Tim Diet.
Tim Diet.
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photography by berlin tomas.